We believe in unlocking fluid motion by harnessing mobility.

We build sustainability.

To achieve our goal of longevity in sport, we develop a foundation built on mobility, stability and strength, which complement our athletes’ potential for speed, power and endurance.

Our studio brings state of the art strength classes and 1:1 strength coaching to our local Maine athletes while offering individualized strength programming online for our “from away” clients.

COVID. How we stay safe in the studio


An air filtration system continuously removes studio air and replaces it with outside air


 Floor-to-ceiling doors stay open for full outdoor ventilation if needed


 Equipment is continuously and thoroughly sanitized  


Capacity for the space may not exceed 10 people


Masks are required for unvaccinated participants

Do the simple things savagely well

– Jim Kiritsy

Workout Options


Private Groups

$85/ session

Classes aren’t for everybody, so that’s where small group sessions fit in. With friends, book a private class that adapts to your schedule and that meets your individual needs. $85 for up to 4ppl, +$20 for each additional person. A minimum of 4 sessions is required.


Group Classes

$15/ class

We offer safe and small classes for our local clients. See the SCHEDULE for more class information. Classes are offered in 6-week sessions. Sign up for 1-2 classes/week.


1:1 Privates 

$110/ session

Online or in-house, our certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches use a variety of movements, exercises and workout structures to get you mobile, functional and fit.